This post orginally appeared on the Lawfare blog. When we think of cybersecurity, we don’t think of sexual violence. Sexual assault, rape, and child molestation are problems of intimate contact between individuals in close proximity to one another. By contrast, we tend think of cybersecurity as a problem of remote attacks that affect governments, major […]

A cyber-espionage group called Suckfly is targeting governments and big enterprises, mainly located in India, using a backdoor named Nidiran, a credential dumping tool named Hacktool, Windows OLE exploit CVE-2014-6332, and stolen digital certificates. The group came first to Symantec’s attention when in March it was caught stealing digital certificates from various South Korean companies. […]

Computer scientists, including an Indian-origin student at the University of Texas at Austin, have developed a new method for producing truly random numbers – a breakthrough that can be used to encrypt data and improve cyber-security. The new method creates truly random numbers with less computational effort than other methods, which could facilitate significantly higher […]

Watson takes on cybersecurity By Derek Major May 17, 2016 IBM Security has announced Watson for Cyber Security, a cloud-based version of its natural language processing platform that will automate the connections in unstructured data to improve security analysts’ capabilities. IBM’s X-Force library, which includes 20 years of security research on 8 million spam and […]

When it comes to digital security, healthcare provider organizations have the wrong mission and are using outdated approaches, generally failing at securing their organizations from today’s increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals. That’s according to “Hacking Hospitals,” a two-year study by Independent Security Evaluators of 12 healthcare facilities, two healthcare data facilities, two healthcare technology platforms and two […]

SINGAPORE/MANILA Singapore’s central bank has asked banks to maintain a high level of security for their critical IT systems following recent cyber attacks using the SWIFT financial messaging system. In the Philippines, the central bank was crafting more regulations to help banks and other financial institutions fend off cyber heists and minimize damage after any […]

NEW DELHI: Two government organisations, one of the largest financial institutions and a top IT firm have been among the targets of an advanced cyber espionage group conducting long-term espionage campaigns against high-profile targets in India, as per cyber-security firm Symantec . The security firm has identified a number of attacks over a two-year period, […]

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