June 2017

A bilateral pact has been agreed between the governments of Canada and China. The pact forbids either country from conducting corporate cyber espionage on the other. The agreement was struck just before the weekend in Ottowa, during meetings between the Chinese official, Wang Yongqing, and Canada’s national security and intelligence adviser, Daniel Jean. The agreement […]

Evidence is forming that this week’s Petya/NotPetya or GoldenEye malware attack wasn’t an attempt by criminals at ransoming users, but an act of sabotage against Ukrainian IT systems. What’s more, the malware campaign was a fiasco as it spread outside Ukraine, into… Russia. The world’s largest oil company, Rosneft, is Russian and was hit too, […]

Pre-election positivity February 10, 2016 Trump: “You guys have been supporters, and I really appreciate it. And not necessarily supporters, but at least believers. You said there’s some potential there.” February 22, 2016 Tapes are released in which Mika and Joe seemingly discuss with Trump whether to ask harder or easier questions during his interview. […]

bluebay Speaking at the Mortgage Tech UK conference this week, Georgina Squire, Partner at solicitors Rosling King, warned professionals of the dangers that cyber-attacks impose to professional firms such as lenders, valuers, brokers and solicitors and advised on what steps should be taken to prevent and mitigate the fall-out when falling victim to a such […]

This fall, some Jefferson County students will be among the first in the state to get instruction in cyber engineering to prepare them for careers to help businesses, individuals and governments from the increasing threat of hackers. Students at Southern, Seneca, Fairdale, Central and Ballard high schools will have access to new computer equipment and […]

 – KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP/Getty Images It’s Day Two of a cyber attack that’s so far hit shipping companies, law firms and pharmaceutical conglomerates. Companies worldwide are still recovering, and cybersecurity experts are still trying to figure out exactly what’s going on. The one thing that companies, cybersecurity analysts and journalists seem to agree on is that it’s […]