July 2018

 – Mark Wilson/Getty Images Hackers, probably Russian, successfully broke into electric utilities last summer. Homeland security officials revealed those intrusions for the first time last week. There were also reports last week of attempted cyberattacks on various members of Congress, and this week, the Senate is likely to have a showdown over funding for election security.   […]

The US government’s National Counterintelligence and Security Center (NCSC) has identified biotechnology, including chemical manufacturing and biomanufacturing, as one of the top targets for foreign cyber thieves looking to steal US intellectual property and trade secrets. The NCSC’s report points to biomaterials, biopharmaceuticals and new vaccines and drugs as of particular interest for international economic […]

While Russia’s army is more than 150 times bigger, Estonia hosts NATO’s cyber-defence centre and organised the first cyber exercises for European Union defence ministers in 2017. (Bloomberg pic) TALLINN: Estonia, the tiny eastern European nation that says it was the first target of state-sponsored cyber warfare from Russia, may soon be able to strike […]

As secretaries of State, we are natural risk managers. Long before cyber threats, we dealt with planning for hazards such as natural disasters, disruptions at polling places and power outages. Since August 2016, foreign interference in elections has been on the forefront of our minds. The 2016 election cycle highlighted challenges in communication and the […]

EC-Council, has announced the agenda for the ASEAN Cybersecurity Summit which includes a dynamic offering of thought-provoking and engaging sessions. The summit will be hosted on Friday, 17 August 2018 at the Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, Singapore. Government officials and security experts in the Asia Pacific Region are emphasizing that cybersecurity has become an […]

In this QA, David Finn, executive vice president of strategic innovation at CynergisTek, a cybersecurity consulting firm, shares his views on how the dwindling number of insured is affecting cybersecurity efforts in healthcare and how a solution lies in a commonsense approach to cybersecurity for healthcare programs. Download this free guide Download Complete Guide to […]

Comment 3 steps for putting the DHS cybersecurity strategy to work By Mark Orlando Jul 30, 2018   A few weeks ago, the Department of Homeland Security released its cybersecurity strategy for the next five years, which lays out seven goals to help the government better defend itself against the constant onslaught of sophisticated cyber […]