April 2017

Shutterstock In light of increasingly apparent, potentially catastrophic online threats to national security, experts from around the country and globe are emphasizing the government’s need to act, and invest, accordingly. This week, cross-disciplinary leaders in security research have come forward to urge the Trump administration to start fortifying U.S. cybersecurity before it’s too late, starting […]

Maine Sen. Angus King’s proposal to protect America’s electrical grid from cyber-attacks has received support from members of a Senate committee. King’s proposal seeks to remove vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers to get into the energy grid. King, an independent, says the proposal would look for ways to replace automated systems with manual […]

Fulton-based cybersecurity startup Dragos has a new partnership with Deloitte. The consulting giant’s cybersecurity offerings will now include Dragos’ platform, which aims to protect the industrial control systems and operational technology of infrastructure that provides key functions like power and water, as well as large industries like oil and gas and manufacturing. Deloitte said in a […]

Cisco (CSCO) is betting its charge into the rapidly-growing cyber security industry will reinvigorate its sales as it faces stagnation in the networking equipment business that once propelled it to become one of the of the world’s biggest technology companies. Continue Reading Below The San Jose, Calif.-based giant is harnessing the power of the cloud […]

PLATTSBURGH — Use your powers for good, not evil. SUNY Plattsburgh has a new Center for Cybersecurity and Technology, located in AuSable Hall. There, students can practice hands-on skills on a flexible network designed and built by interns, learning both ethical hacking and prevention in a safe environment. What they do there is reflected in […]

Luckily where it lacks in script it more than makes up in style and and visual FX. In the Rupert Sanders directed film, The Major is deployed by the Japanese government’s shadowy Section 9 to fight cyber-terror. Scarlett Johansson, star of The Avengers, Her, and Under The Skin, is back in this trailer for her […]

With setting in of summer and melting of the snow, Pakistan has upped its game on social media to instigate the civil society in Kashmir Valley against the state government and security forces. Apart from laying importance on physical attacks on public property and damage to security forces, there is a renewed attempt to use […]

Vladimir Putin Vladimir Putin(Photo: Alexei Nikolsky/Pool Photo via A) Russia’s suspected interference in the 2016 election might not have influenced the outcome, but it broke American laws, violated our citizens’ privacy, and created a political climate of distrust. And, as FBI Director James Comey said, the Russians will “be back. They’ll be back in 2020. […]