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For “Who Should Safeguard Our Data,” Wolff seems to think the sheep need to be taught a lesson. Specifically, she’s proposing to the elite thought leaders gathered at Aspen that the careless should be punished for getting hacked or for being in the vulnerability chain, even if unknowingly. The underlying reason for swapping out the […]

A panel charged with assessing Maryland’s vulnerability to cyberattacks recommended Friday that the state create a team of emergency personnel charged with defending its networks against hackers. The General Assembly created the Maryland Cybersecurity Council last year and asked for regular reports with ideas for how to better protect the state’s computers and other critical […]

There’s a gulf in the levels of cyber-hack preparedness among Southern Nevada businesses. An iconic city for hospitality and gaming, the industry titans on and near the Strip are investing big dollars in cybersecurity teams. The Las Vegas Sands Corp., MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment “have tremendously great cybersecurity teams because they know the […]

Ben Dickson is a software engineer and freelance writer. He writes regularly on business, technology and politics. How to join the network Thanks to technologies that generate, store and analyze huge sets of data, companies are able to perform tasks that previously were impossible. But the added benefit does come with its own setbacks, specifically from a […]

On one level, the motivation for organizations to invest in cybersecurity tools, staff, and processes couldn’t be more obvious: the organizations want to prevent cyberattacks from succeeding. It turns out, however, that security measures may be able to drive additional business benefits beyond simply countering hackers, online criminals, and other bad actors. The 2016 ATT/IDC […]

WASHINGTON, June 30 (UPI) — Cisco and Thales announced a new cybersecurity partnership Wednesday to develop cyber detection and counter-attack solutions, Thales announced. The new solution is based on the complementary nature of the companies’ technologies and a combination of their know-how, Thales said in a statement. In response to new critical IT systems and […]

Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) is reportedly mulling over the sale of Intel Security, the cybersecurity business it built from its $7.7 billion acquisition of McAfee nearly six years ago. The Financial Times, citing sources close to the matter, claims that the sale could be “one of the largest in the sector.” Image source: Intel. Potential buyers include private […]

Brett McDowell is the executive director of the FIDO Alliance, the nonprofit industry association creating standards for stronger, simpler authentication. Did you just get a notification from another Fortune 500 company asking you to change of all your passwords? If not, you will soon enough. It’s almost fashionable to become the victim of a data […]

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