In the wake of a major cybersecurity incident last week, federal information officials on Wednesday said the balancing act between cyber hygiene compliance and workforce morale remains an ongoing problem. While the panel of federal IT executives speaking at a FedInsider cybersecurity conference neither confirmed nor denied whether government systems were affected by the massive global […]

The cybersecurity world has had so many jolts that players are starting to argue with one another. For instance, the so-called WannaCry encryption-and-ransomware attack prompted Microsoft President Brad Smith to chide the National Security Agency  for making and storing potent hacking tools. That stockpile became such a tempting target it was famously ripped off in April. That’s […]

After facing a massive “WannaCrypt” ransomware attack that exploited a vulnerability in a Microsoft software and hit 150 countries, the same Windows vulnerability (MS17-010) has also been exploited to spread another type of malware that is quietly but fast generating digital cash from machines it has infected. According to a report in The Registrar on […]