Cyber Security

There’s a big problem thwarting cybersecurity today and it has to do with people – those at the top specifically, according to Mansur Hasib, a cybersecurity professor at the University System of Maryland. “Many executives have taken the view that cybersecurity is control of people, limiting people’s use, essentially telling people they are dumb, that […]

A military site in Wiltshire has been chosen as the preferred location for a new cyber security operations centre by the government. The £40m base is expected to be housed at MOD Corsham and staffed by experts utilising “state-of-the-art” methods. The government is investing £1bn over five years to combat cyber attacks. Defence Secretary Michael […]

This past week, the world learned about the big hack of Biglaw. If your employer was one of the almost 50 firms prestigious enough to be targeted by Russian hackers… congrats? The targeted firms tended to be transactionally oriented; the apparent plan of the hackers was to obtain confidential, market-moving information and trade on it. […]

The frequency and severity of cyber penetrations, as well as the sophistication of hackers, has increased dramatically, said Lou Modano, chief information security officer at Nasdaq. “What has not kept pace with that is the education level, the understanding of the impact of cyber across all industries,” he told “Squawk Box.” While the topic is […]

The American Civil Liberties Union has accused the FBI of gambling with cybersecurity by failing to disclose to Apple the method used to access the San Bernardino iPhone, reports the WSJ. Chris Soghoian, principal technologist at the ACLU, said the FBI is facing “a million-dollar question, and really what it comes down to is, does the FBI prioritize […]

Ben Dickson is a software engineer and freelance writer. He writes regularly on business, technology and politics. How to join the network When it comes to cybersecurity issues, we always seem to be dealing with either shortages or excess. Everywhere there’s talk of how data breaches are growing in number, size, severity and cost, and […]

In 2014 the absolute hottest sub-sector of technology was cybersecurity, and with good reason. In what seemed like a weekly occurrence, everybody from the U.S. government to major big-box retailers to you name it were getting hacked and valuable information was being compromised. The surge in cyber-crime also put a huge bid under the top […]

MONTREAL–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Castle Hall, the three-time winner of “Best Global Due Diligence Firm” in the Hedge Fund Awards and Alternative Investment Awards, is pleased to announce that Vladimir Rabotka has joined the firm as Director – Security and Systems Administration. In this role, Mr. Rabotka will assume responsibility for Castle Hall’s internal cyber security policies and […]