The increasing use of social media by global terror groups, like ISIS and the Al Qaeda, for radicalising young people and a sharp upward trend in cyber-related offences has led to the government launching a major initiative in setting up a highly-specialised cyber agency to watch and probe such cases. The agency will work under […]


Share this Story <!–INSERT FIRST PARAGRAPH OF ARTICLE IN TAG –> (Aug. 4, 2016) — According to Max Kilger, director of Data Analytics Programs at The University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) College of Business, the rise of a cyber terror community is on the horizon. Kilger, who utilizes his talents as a social […]


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South Korean police said Thursday that North Korea was responsible for the latest hacking and blackmailing of Interpark, a major online shopping mall. Police pay attention to the first case in which North Korea demanded money after conducting cyber terrorism, believing that Pyongyang could have attempted to secure foreign currencies amid international sanctions on the […]

South Korea has fingered North Korea as the actor behind a major data heist of online shopping credentials. The compromise of a top South Korean e-commerce destination resulted in thieves making off with the personal records of more than 10 million shoppers, according to Reuters. The site’s owner, Interpark Corp, said the hacking occurred in […]

ISLAMABAD: The Cyber Crimes Bill envisages a 14-year imprisonment and Rs5 million for cyber terrorism, and seven-year imprisonment each for campaigning against innocent people on the internet, spreading hate material on the basis of ethnicity, religion and sect or taking part in child pornography, which can also entail a Rs500,000 fine. A special court will […]