If media coverage is to be believed, we are in the midst of a cyberwar with daily attacks occurring across several theaters. Between dropping “cyber-bombs” on the Islamic State, Chinese intruders pilfering precious technology, and Russian information operations shaping the U.S. political process, it seems that the continuous power struggle between nations is now most […]

Whether it’s in the public or private sector, cyber threats are potentially everywhere. Just last month, an international cyberattack crippled dozens of worldwide businesses, including the U.S.-based pharmaceutical giant Merck. Victims across the globe were faced with demands to hand over a ransom or have their computer networks remain locked and inaccessible. The outbreak was […]

US DOE Members of the US Navy Cyber Defense Operations Command monitor unauthorized network activity. The Internet is under attack, and not just by hackers, thieves and spies. As Alexander Klimburg reports in The Darkening Web, governments that insist on their own primacy are increasingly assaulting the idea of this digitized landscape as a transnational […]

The majority of organisations in Singapore recognise the importance of cybersecurity, but fewer are adequately prepared to deal with incidents or have the necessary response plan in place. Some 91 percent said they sought guidance from cybersecurity experts, but 75 percent did not have dedicated IT security budgets and planning processes, according to a survey […]

The ‘NotPetya’ malware attacks could spark an international cyber war, according to a Nato researcher. Part of Nato’s Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence Tomáš Minárik believes that ‘retaliation’ could be warranted if it is revealed that the malware outbreak was state sponsored. Minárik said that the malware could count as a ‘violation of State […]

Atos has announced that its Security Operations Center (SOC) capabilities have considerably improved with the launch of a new product that combines big data analytics and machine learning technology to predict security threats. Powered by Atos’ bullion servers, the SOC service also aims to deliver a faster response to cyber-attacks, using two McAfee technologies (Open-DXL and Threat Defence Life […]