San Antonio, which bills itself as a cybersecurity industry hub second only to Washington, is also a place where city officials struggle to recruit technical staffers to protect publicly owned computer networks. Houston is coming up short as it seeks resources from the state to reinforce the security of its 5,000-square-mile power grid. And San […]

A free cyber security workshop will be held on April 20 at the Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club, with the public invited to “dive into a cyber incident scenario and work through responding to such an incident.” The workshop will get underway at 5.30pm, with spaces for the event limited. The session facilitators will include […]

There’s a big problem thwarting cybersecurity today and it has to do with people – those at the top specifically, according to Mansur Hasib, a cybersecurity professor at the University System of Maryland. “Many executives have taken the view that cybersecurity is control of people, limiting people’s use, essentially telling people they are dumb, that […]

On November 4, 2015, the controversial Draft Investigatory Powers Bill (aka the “Snooper’s Charter”) was debated in the UK Parliament for the first time. In the months since its introduction to Parliament, the Snooper’s Charter has been widely criticized for its many overreaching provisos, which include requiring communication service providers to retain users’ internet connection […]

A military site in Wiltshire has been chosen as the preferred location for a new cyber security operations centre by the government. The £40m base is expected to be housed at MOD Corsham and staffed by experts utilising “state-of-the-art” methods. The government is investing £1bn over five years to combat cyber attacks. Defence Secretary Michael […]

This past week, the world learned about the big hack of Biglaw. If your employer was one of the almost 50 firms prestigious enough to be targeted by Russian hackers… congrats? The targeted firms tended to be transactionally oriented; the apparent plan of the hackers was to obtain confidential, market-moving information and trade on it. […]

March 04, 2016 Security researchers laid out potential scenarios for the future of cyber-espionage on Wednesday at the RSA Conference in San Francisco. In a session titled “The Dark Web and Cyber-espionage,” attendees were presented with a bleak outlook in which relatively simple attacks will increasingly be used by nation-state entities seeking to gain control […]

Cyber terrorism – for profit, not twisted ideology – has become a clear and present danger to Americans. If there is a cohesive strategy to defeat it, it is not working. Monday, hackers crippled computer networks at several hospitals in Washington, D.C., and Baltimore. The facilities are owned by MedStar Health Inc., which would not […]