The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has awarded PFP Cybersecurity a contract to study cybersecurity technologies designed to provide threat intelligence and detection to secure Internet of Things and embedded systems. PFP said Friday the new technology will work to protect IoT-connected devices such as power grids, smart devices and cars against cyber attacks. The company will work under DARPA’s Leveraging the Analog Domain […]

Small firms have smaller staffs and smaller budgets, but their cybersecurity risk may not be proportional. One small boutique recently dealt with that problem by merging with a large firm, but industry watchers said there are ways for firms to manage cyberrisk while remaining small. Consultants said discussion about cyberrisks is increasing overall in the […]

It’s a common refrain after any recent high-profile breach into federal computers and corporate networks: There aren’t enough skilled cybersecurity professionals to outwit criminal hackers. That message from officials, executives, and industry experts isn’t just grousing, either. According to industry estimates, the US needs about 200,000 more workers to fill current cybersecurity roles. Globally, the gap is five times […]

Texas-based StackPath has raised $150 million in fresh funding from private equity firm ABRY Partners, the CEO of the cybersecurity startup said Monday, in what is among the largest single financing rounds for a private cybersecurity firm. Chief executive officer Lance Crosby told Reuters StackPath is a security platform that houses a suite of services […]

Is the Kremlin trying to throw the U.S. presidential election to Donald Trump? It sounds like something out of a spy novel. But many cybersecurity experts, as well as the Hillary Clinton campaign, are now saying the Russians are responsible for last month’s hack of the Democratic National Committee.   That hack has dominated the […]

Russia is implementing an aggressive policy in cyberspace, which is part of a hybrid war against Ukraine. Other cyber threats are becoming more common, in particular rising cybercrime and cyber-espionage are being intensified, Secretary of National Defense and Security Council of Ukraine (NSDC) Oleksandr Turchynov has said at a meeting of the National Cybersecurity Coordination […]

The infrastructure used by an Iranian cyberespionage group to control infected computers around the world has been hijacked by security researchers. Researchers from Palo Alto Networks came across the group’s activities earlier this year, but found evidence that it has been operating since at least 2007. Its main tool is a custom malware program dubbed […]

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