Despite that increasing complexity, many readers proposed that we should find ways to discriminate between cyberattacks and more conventional forms of militaristic aggression. We will, one wrote, have to learn to draw lines between the two much “as we now distinguish forms of weaponry.” Others weren’t so sure: Summing up a growing sense of unease, […]

Pirates seizing cargoes, attacks against wastewater purification facilities, ransomware in hospitals, and stealing from global financial institution – it seems that cyber attacks are becoming more common, aggressive, focused and harmful in all areas. A look at printed analysis reports and trends in cyber attacks over the past year provides a rather clear picture – […]

Nearly 86% of organizations responding to the survey want to be doing the hunting, albeit informally, as more than 40% do not have a formal threat hunting program in place. “The question is no longer whether or not you are going to have a breach, but how quickly you will detect the adversary to control […]

WASHINGTON (AP) — The hackers who seriously disrupted operations at a large hospital chain recently and held some data hostage broke into a computer server left vulnerable despite urgent public warnings since at least 2007 that it needed to be fixed with a simple update, The Associated Press has learned. The hackers exploited design flaws […]

Posted 05 April 2016 By Michael Mezher A prominent cybersecurity researcher says the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) needs to “buckle down” and regulate medical device cybersecurity more firmly. The warning comes as last week, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) issued an advisory warning of more than 1,400 cybersecurity vulnerabilities affecting certain […]

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) today announced a new Cybersecurity Assurance Program (CAP) that uses a new set of standards to test network-connected products for software vulnerabilities. The new UL certification will be for both vendors of Internet of Things (IoT) products and for buyers of products who want to mitigate risks. The testing standards were developed […]

The Russian cybersecurity expert has been appointed a member of the international advisory panel for Singapore’s National Cybersecurity RD Programme.  Posted 05 Apr 2016 16:40 Updated 05 Apr 2016 16:44 PHOTOS Eugene Kaspersky, chairman and CEO of Kaspersky Lab. (Photo: REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton) SINGAPORE: Russian cybersecurity expert Eugene Kaspersky has been roped in as a member […]

MUMBAI: Reserve Bank Governor Raghuram Rajan today said the country has taken enough preventive measures following a recent USD 951-million cyber heist scandal involving the Bangladesh central bank. “What happened in Bangladesh is certainly a source of concern for all of us, and we have taken some measures and are continuing to understand better what […]