In February 2016, following an alert from a partner, Kaspersky Lab’s Global Research and Analysis Team began an investigation. It quickly became clear that a threat actor, likely operating from India, was undertaking aggressive cyber-espionage activity in the Asian region, targeting multiple diplomatic and government entities with a particular focus on China and its international […]

Security researchers have discovered a new malware threat that goes to great lengths to remain undetected while targeting energy companies. The malware program, which researchers from security firm SentinelOne have dubbed Furtim’s Parent, is a so-called dropper — a program designed to download and install additional malware components and tools. The researchers believe it was […]

Ben W. Heineman, Jr. is author of The Inside Counsel Revolution: Resolving the Partner-Guardian Tension. Previously, he was GE’s General Counsel. Corporations have been attacked from both right and left during the 2016 presidential election: on trade, on immigration, on campaign finance, on crony capitalism, on inequality. Fortune Editor and long-time political reporter Alan Murray […]

Last week I saw two ugly scenarios play out that did nothing positive for healthcare or its mission to protect patient information. The first incident involved escalations of the cyber threats healthcare organizations face. We were introduced to the hacker “The Dark Overlord” who had hacked multiple hospitals and then attempted to extort them for […]

Cyber security must be top of the agenda for business, policy and research, according to a report by The Royal Society. Public trust in digital services and the ability of the digital economy to continue to thrive in the UK could be at risk without a step-change in cyber security, supported by action from government, […]

The White House announced new measures Tuesday to strengthen the federal cybersecurity workforce, including policies that will help agencies retain, as well as recruit, highly skilled information security professionals.  The federal government’s four-part cyber workforce strategy aims to create a path for cybersecurity professionals to take a “tour of duty” in the public sector over their career arc, […]

Welcome to OVERNIGHT CYBERSECURITY, your daily rundown of the biggest news in the world of hacking and data privacy. We’re here to connect the dots as leaders in government, policy and industry try to counter the rise in cyber threats. What lies ahead for Congress, the administration and the latest company under siege? Whether you’re […]

Pinckney High School(Photo: File photo) Pinckney High School will be renovated this summer to accommodate its building for a  cyber security training facility. Summer construction projects were recently approved by the Pinckney Community Schools Board of Education. The cost of the minor remodel will not exceed $75,000. The majority of the work will occur at the high school to create […]

Power quality expert Alex McEachern set out to build an advanced power sensor for utility distribution grids, and accidentally produced a promising tool to protect power grids from cyber attack. The equipment–developed by McEachern and collaborators at the University of California Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory—is part of the starter pack for military installations competing […]