WOBURN, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Kaspersky Lab announced today its researchers investigated a threat actor that was undertaking aggressive cyber-espionage activity in the Asian region, targeting multiple diplomatic and government entities with a particular focus on China and its international affairs. This group, named Dropping Elephant (also known as “Chinastrats”), used their unsophisticated tools to attack some high […]

Kenneth Geers previews his Black Hat talk and discusses the strategic military maneuvers governments can make within cyberspace. When Kenneth Geers, ambassador of the NATO Cyber Centre, first suggested two years ago that there might be a connection between spikes in cybercriminal activity and spikes in geopolitical conflict, there was skepticism. Since then, NATO has […]

The Cyber Security Trade Mission will visit Istanbul (pictured) and Ankara, Turkey, in early December.(Photo: Moyan Brenn) Few would argue against the notion that cybersecurity has become a hot topic in government and industry circles. But now and again there are clear, unassailable signs that this is the case. One such sign comes from the […]

Since December 2015, a new cyber-espionage group has been launching attacks aimed at several governments and government-related organizations working on military and political assignments related to issues surrounding Southeast Asia and the South China Sea. This APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) stands apart from all other recent cyber-espionage groups because it doesn’t seem to be using […]

Larry Olmsted explores the unregulated food industry, and its lack of quality control. Alex Gibney‘s new documentary, “Zero Days,” and the consequences of the Stuxnet computer worm. Tahmima Anam‘s novel about a paleontologist from Bangladesh struggling to reconcile her American romance with her arranged marriage back home. Linda Hirshman on the intertwined lives of the Supreme Court’s history-making, first two female Justices. … […]